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Tag: what is “Windows Product Key Failure” alerts on my PC

Remove “Windows Product Key Failure” Fake warnings

What is “Windows Product Key Failure” pop-ups

“Windows Product Key Failure” is a fake program window that delivers scam pop-ups asking to call on their tech support number. The pop-up message by “Windows Product Key Failure” looks like:

Windows Product Key Failure !!!!
Please Enter Your Product Key
Windows Defender Prevented an unrecognised and malicious software on your Computer. Please Enter your Windows Product Key. The Product Key should be on a label or the card inside the box that Windows Disk Came in or in the confirmation email you received after buying it. If you have upgraded to Windows 10 you have a digital license instead of a key.
A Product Key is a 25-character code used to activate Windows. It looks like this:
Invalid Product Key Detected. Your Windows is blocked for security reasons To Unlock Call Microsoft Technical Support

The above alert clearly says that, the computer is being attacked been any malicious program for which the windows licence is void. So, to activate it again and run windows in normal, users need to feed their windows product key. If you enter the key, it says invalid key and urges to call the technical support number to resolve the issue. This is just a trick to fool users and charge you for useless services. Do not provide any details to them. It is just a piece of malware designed to harm your PC. Hence it is recommended to delete “Windows Product Key Failure” as quickly as possible to avoid such misleading activities.

If your browser is infected with “Windows Product Key Failure”, you may see your web page being redirected to:

Remove “Windows Product Key Failure” Fake Alerts


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