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Remove Slmgr32.exe-Monero CPU Miner program

Slmgr32.exe Overview

Slmgr32.exe is another digital currency miner program detected as Trojan threat. Being a mining program, it aims to capture the control of the attacked computer and use its CPU resources to mine crypto-currency and earn huge revenue. Slmgr32.exe can be dropped along with Trojan horse virus which can be concealed with fake e-mail attachments, JavaScript codes embedded within hacked websites, game codes and similar these.
Once the trojan program enter inside, it drops the malicious miner program Slmgr32.exe on the PC. After that, it drops mfds.exe executable file and modifies Windows Registry entries to auto-launch the program when the window boots. Slmgr32.exe then connects itself to the huge network of crypto-currency miner that is and initiates its process of mining the digital currency for Monero.
As the consequence, the victim’s computer is act slow and its performance will be totally demises. Not only that, this notorious program could also download damaging programs or malware that could lead to complete breakdown of the compromised device. Slmgr32.exe is a risky program too as it sends most of the vital information of the system as well as user to third-party. Thus, you should remove Slmgr32.exe program as soon as you detect this on your computer.


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