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Tag: Trojan EvilBunny maliicous program

How to Remove Trojan EvilBunny virus

Trojan EvilBunny Overview

Trojan EvilBunny Trojan EvilBunny is malevolent Trojan program that loads up fake java script codes to run within the browser. This forces the browser to show up harmful pop-ups that contains the payloads of any malware or PUP. Such programs can be used by hackers to silently execute evil tasks on thein PC. This threat uses the internet connection to distribute spam mails and other threats among users. Trojan EvilBunny might be dropped by visiting any malicious website or opening spam mail attachments. On being installed, Trojan EvilBunny Trojan virus exploits system vulnerabilities to install other threats and unwanted software programs. Apart from that, Trojan EvilBunny manipulates browser settings and redirect users to unknown sites in order to generate web traffic for their malicious or hacked web pages. Not only that, Trojan EvilBunny also disables antivirus tools and firewall utility by adding corrupt registries and killing program codes associated with these programs. The presence of Trojan EvilBunny can hamper the performance of the target system completely.


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