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Tag: Remove WDF.exe From MAC OS

How to Remove WDF.exe Crypto-Miner program

WDF.exe Overview

WDF.exe is another malware reported as crypto-miner which means this program can employ the CPU resources of the target computer system to mine digital currency. This reported malware uses 90% of the CPU resources which results in extreme dull and sluggish performance of the device. Many users may not understand the reason behind it as WDF.exe resembles the name of a legitimate program as “Windows Desktop Firewall” which user can see within the task manager.
WDF.exe is mostly distributed through various notorious ways like freeware downloads dropped as Adware or PUP, visiting malicious websites which contains hidden JavaScript codes embedding the payloads of the malware. Also, fake set-ups programs, updates performed from untrusted links or fake e-mail attachments could lead to WDF.exe malware to be installed on the computer. Once installed, this malware creates new sub-keys within the windows registry editor to auto-launch its program and engage all the available resources of mine crypto-currency like BitCoin or Monero. If you PC is infected by WDF.exe miner then, you can even lose your personal and confidential data. So, it is urged to remove WDF.exe program as soon as possible.


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