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Tag: Remove Quiklogin New Tab From MAC OS

How to Remove QuikLogin hijacker

Quiklogin New Tab Overview

Quiklogin New Tab is a chrome extension that is distributed through freeware bundles. If this extension is installed on the browser, it will take no moment to change the default settings of the browser. You may see your favorite homepage being altered to Quiklogin New Tab Search.

How to Remove QuikLogin
This will turn out to be an unreliable search provider that makes remarkable changes to the browsers without the permission of users. The very first sign of your browser being infected with Quiklogin New Tab adware is altered homepage, new tab and unknown extensions added to the browser.
Since then, Quiklogin New Tab will keep your searches redirecting to questionable URLs which will make your browsing unsafe. It even keeps a track on the browsing details of users like visited site info, keywords searched for and recent online activities to deliver more ad-supported contents to increase traffic on its sponsored pages and earn profit. Also, the presence of Quiklogin New Tab could expose the whole PC for more destructive threats. Thus it is clear from the above traits that Quiklogin New Tab is a browser hijacker that needs to be removed out of the PC as soon as possible.


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