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How to Remove hijacker Overview might appear like any legit search helper. But soon you will realize that it is not going to assist you in surfing rather annoy you with lots of paid ads links, sponsored pages and banners each time while surfing.

Remove Search is not directly linked with virus but its links are not always safe as it is owned by unknown authors. And could embedded with malicious codes that can be dropped on the PC silently while user hit it. is regarded as a browser hijacker that that comes along with other Adware. Adware are mostly distributed through bundled package installation that contains additional programs along with the main downloaded program which can be any media player, system utility tools, any software or so. can be easily dropped and gets installed without seeking user’s permission.
Once installed, furtively changes the browser settings like homepage, search provider and new tab of the default browser. So you see homepage when you launch your browser. While performing searches with this tricky search provider, you will never get useful and trusted search results. Thus, it is advised to remove hijacker as soon as possible.


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