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How to Remove homepage redirect Overview is a questionable redirect web page that allows unknown homepage to disguise as the start page of your infected browser. This nasty homepage hijacker delivers lots of pop-ups and questionable contents. These pop-ups force the browser to redirect to third party pages. redirect occurs when the browser is infected with any Adware which makes it unstable. Once the browser is infected, this web domain appears suddenly upon the browser and throws nasty pop-ups. The pop-ups may urge you to download/install some free extension for your browser. But it is advisable not to hit any links on the page as it is meant to drop potentially harmful programs on the PC. This redirect page will continue to open on your new tab each time while user start surfing and annoys with frequent pop-ups. User may not able to surf properly as the surfing is restricted by non-stop pop-ups and redirections. If you are the also one facing redirection because of then you must eliminate all the Adware from the PC.



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