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How to Remove “Site Security Check” adware pop-up

What is Site Security Check?

Site Security Check is an Adware program that has the main intention to push unwanted advertisements and download other rogue add-ons or extensions to the PC. If you are redirected to Site Security Check web page stating:

Security Check
We have to make sure you are not a robot to proceed with the redirect
Click below to continue and accept optional offer:
i`m human
We have to make sure you are not a robot to proceed with the redirect,
I accept and agree to abide by the EULA and Privacy Policy

Remove “Site Security Check” adware
If you click to agree to click on its link, then it will start downloading the extension onto the browser. Once installed, Site Security Check extension could alter browser settings and add itself as a helpful extension but although it is not Also, the ad presented by Site Security Check adware may take various forms to trick users in many ways. For this, it tracks the surfing habits of users without seeking permission. Site Security Check extension automatically starts whenever the user launches its browser and open pop-ups that are difficult to close. In such case your browser may crash down, and other adware or PUPs could also be downloaded without the user’s knowledge. Manual removal to Site Security Check adware is not possible as it alters registry settings, so user must look for automatic removal solution.



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