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How to Remove Search Redirect Overview is marked as a browser hijacker that is intended to flood the whole browser with lots of links, sponsored ads and advertising contents. It is reported to be a masquerading search engine that alters the default settings of the attacked browser homepage, search engine and new tab without the permission of users. This is done to take the control over the browsing and present misleading search results loaded with paid ads and links. This search program is no way helpful to you and only aims to gain fake traffic for its sponsored pages. Thus, you can be refrained from getting true information.

How to Remove Search


Well, this program is mostly found along with bundled freeware programs that usually enclosed with additional programs one like search provider. Thus, you may suddenly see your favourite homepage substituted with and your searches will be performed by
This is just another tricky extension that disguises itself to the common browsers like Chrome without seeking user’s permission. Also, it may allow third-party extensions to be installed on the PC that could affect its performance. Follow the complete removal guide to remove hijacker.


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