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Tag: Manual Removal of Surf and Keep extension

How to Remove Surf and Keep Adware

What is Surf and Keep?

Surf and Keep is a hopeless browser add-on that although claims to save your money and time while shopping. But it never fulfills its promises, instead waste your time by showing worthless Ads, coupons and suggested links that always redirect to questionable sites. This aims to gain traffic and earn their revenue only.

How to Remove Surf and Keep Adware
Surf and Keep is a typical adware that distributes various forms of adverts to boost traffic for their sites. These ads are normally shown alongside of the visited webpages as Powered by Surf and Keep“, “Ads by Surf and Keep” or “Ads powered by Surf and Keep“.
This extension is widely used by third party to endorse advertisements and make users click on them. This brings traffic on their low ranked webpages and increase their sales leads by automatically downloading worthless software programs. Many times, the browser infected with Surf and Keep adware finds redirects to suspicious pages that asks users to update their applications. However, downloading any program or performing updates may drop other adware or PUPs inside the compromised PC. In order to stop getting Ads from Surf and Keep, user must remove all potentially unwanted program from the browser as well as PC.



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