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Tag: Manual Removal of MyMacro extension

How to Remove MyMacro adware

What is MyMacro?

MyMacro is an extension offered by It is an adware that installs as an additional component during installation of free software programs without user’s permission. And once installed, MyMacro will automatically mount upon the browser as an extension.

How to remove MyMacro adware
MyMacro is a platform that sponsors varieties of Adverts to earn their revenue. If you click on any of its links or use this extension, then momentarily your browser will be loaded with abundance of sponsored links and promotional contents that usually belongs to third party. These links redirects users to unsafe webpages which are out of the context of user’s surfing.
Also, these links and ads cannot be trusted as its presence could make room for more threats like Adware or malware to hook up on your computer and make it complete worthless. Thus, MyMacro adware is recommended to be eliminated from the browser as well as the computer.



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