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Tag: How I remove W32.Qakbot!gen12 threat

How to Remove W32.Qakbot!gen12 Trojan virus

W32.Qakbot!gen12 can steal away all your private data…know more about this threat…

W32.Qakbot!gen12“W32.Qakbot!gen12” is a risky Trojan virus that once dropped inside the PC manages to steal data without the consent of users. It forcibly shuts down the firewall and the other active anti-virus programs. Together with that, W32.Qakbot!gen12 Trojan virus also changes network settings so as to allow malicious programs like rootkit to hook within the PC and record all keystrokes of the user. It mainly targets the financial data, important logins/passwords of banking accounts and social account activities. These collected data are then sent to remote server for performing evil tasks. It is recommended to delete W32.Qakbot!gen12 Trojan virus as soon as possible.



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