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Remove redirect “Add Extension to Leave” pop-up Overview is a forged web page that readdress users to a blank page showing pop-up asking users to “Add extension to leave”. It is a scam pop-up virus that occurs due to presence of any potentially unwanted program or Adware. Adware mostly attacks when user download any freeware programs from unverified sources or visiting malicious web page.

If you allow such extensions to be mounted on your browser then, you have to face various troubles like browser redirects, non-stop advertisements and pop-ups appearing randomly while surfing and altered default browsing preferences. redirect page could also read and change the data of the websites visited by the user and collect all critical information to misuse it for their own benefit.

Thus, it is urged not to click on “Add extension to leave” scam pop-up alert and quickly scan the device to detect and removal all unwanted programs within.


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