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Tag: Get rid of EasyPackageTracker Adware program

How to Remove EasyPackageTracker Toolbar

What is EasyPackageTracker?

EasyPackageTracker is an uninvited toolbar offered by myway that allows users to track shipments. It also allows free web searching option from your new tab page. But if you click to install this toolbar, it will change the whole look of your browser by modifying the default homepage and new tab to own set of programs.

Remove EasyPackageTracker Toolbar
EasyPackageTracker is actually an Adware cum browser hijacker that changes most of the browser’s settings and will appear as the default New tab each time while opening the browser. It is just an ad-driven program that aims to promote variety of sponsored ads and links for various third-party sites to earn per click revenue. You may wonder how EasyPackageTracker toolbar got onto your computer! There can be various reasons for that but most common way is freeware distribution known as bundling. These bundled programs contain additional programs which if not chosen custom option during installation can get in through. EasyPackageTracker has the ability to automatically set itself as the default toolbar on the installed browsers. This toolbar is completely worthless and should not be allowed to remain inside the computer. Thus, if you want to switch back to your default homepage then you must remove EasyPackageTracker extension quickly.



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