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How to Remove Search Grab homepage redirect

Search Grab Overview

Search Grab is promoted as a browser helper to enhance user’s surfing. But users are unaware of the fact that Search Grab is regarded as a browser hijacker. As it strikes the browser without user’s permission along with freeware downloads.



To mount successfully upon the browser, Search Grab hijacker program alters browser’s settings like homepage, new tab and search engine. Like other browser hijacker, this one also aims is to deliver traffic to its sponsored sites instead of presenting the correct and useful information to users. For which this suspicious search engine will redirect your search queries to its own search engine. This ultimately leads to annoying webpages loaded with in-line text advertisements and transitional ads within the browsers. It is not surprising that user get attracted to click on its redirected links or pop-ups, because Search Grab monitors your surfing habits by using session cookies and send the info to its affiliate sites to fetch more user-specific adverts. All this happens without the consent of users. If you want to have a secure browsing, then quickly remove Search Grab and its related files from the compromised computer.


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