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Tag: Delete browser hijacker

How to Remove homepage redirect Overview is a browser hijacker that imitates to be a real search engine as well as useful. But is just a typical hijacker that takes over the browser and does activities against the favour of users. Most often, program is combined with freeware downloads from untrusted webpages.

Remove Redirect


Once user download such programs, it may automatically drive inside the computer without seeking user’s permission. After successful intrusion, replaces the existing homepage and manages to alter the default search engine to its own one. If you use this search program, then your privacy will be totally tampered because this fake search engine disguises malicious links and ad-driven results that can bring traffic for their sponsored pages to earn revenue.
Additionally, hijacker attempts to drop other dubious extensions, add-ons and toolbars to make browsing difficult for users. Such Adware run in the background and collect all browsing data of the users to present more ads and links all over the browser. Thus, it is better to remove hijacker as soon as possible.


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