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How to Remove Mini-vini test true Ads from browsers

What is Mini-vini test true?

Mini-vini test true is a dubious Chrome extension that is distributed through free means like bundled installers. Well this extension is marked as an Adware that is aimed to push plenty of advertisements to appear on the new tab and other visited pages with the infected browser.

Mini-vini test true adware usually redirect to Russian web page showing adverts related to dating, games, entertainment and so on. These ads redirect users to unsafe webpages which are out of the context of user’s surfing. Thus, it is clear from above behaviours that Mini-vini test true is just another platform to sponsors varieties of Adverts to earn their revenue. And its links and ads cannot be trusted as its presence could make room for more Adware threats to hook up on your device and make it complete worthless. To stop getting ads and redirections from Mini-vini test true then quickly follow the removal guide.



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