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Remove BrowserWatch extension from Chrome browser

What is BrowserWatch?

BrowserWatch is an extension for chrome browser offered by This is marked as a potentially unwanted program as it does actions that annoys users like collecting surfing habits of users to place ads and pop-ups boxes appearing within the visited pages of the users. BrowserWatch extension is described as to be a functional and useful one that shows the current date and time by placing a small icon within the browser’s toolbar. When user click on the icon, it displays the data and time.
Apart from that, BrowserWatch is used to monetize traffic of sponsored sites by displays comparison of products within the pop-up boxes at the time of surfing. Upon clicking on the pop-ups users are connected to multiple sites and then finally land onto a specific website showing enourmous ads and contents out of the context of surfing. This could slow down the browser at also invite other potentially harmful program onto the PC.

Remove BrowserWatch Chrome Extension

BrowserWatch extension is usually promoted through ads just like that typically appear on the browser infected with any Adware. The ad will prompt user to Add BrowserWatch extension to their browser. However user should not do so and quickly remove other Adware or the BrowserWatch extension if installed by mistake.



Remove S-N-A 1.0.0 fake Firefox extension

S-N-A 1.0.0 Overview

S-N-A 1.0.0 is a suspicious add-on offered by that mainly appears on the Firefox browser. This add-on program is promoted through infected javascript code that runs on the after user has clicked on any malicious pop-up ads, visited pornographic website or downloaded any dubious crack from untrusted sources.
The pop-up on the redirect page:

Firefox requires a manual update
This update is required to ensure that you are protected on the Internet
Install now
* This update is required
* Protect yourself immediately on the internet
* Internet pages are automatically examined and possibly blocked
* Increased protection against malware and viruses

Once mounted on the browser S-N-A 1.0.0 add-on will modify various settings of the browser to take over the control of it. The extension is described as “Simple snake game with javascript”. But the main purpose of this malicious extension is to monetize various third-party sites by injecting variety of advertisements. You could also notice your new tab redirecting to unknown pages at the time of surfing.

remove S-N-A by
The worst thing of S-N-A 1.0.0 extension is that, it blocks the about:addons page of the infected browser by searching for background.js string in the URL and if found, it closes the tab. So that user may not be able to manually remove the extension or even resetting.
FF Protect AntiVir and FF Guarded Searching are the similar scam firefox extensions troubling users.



Remove FF Protect AntiVir add-on from Firefox

FF Protect AntiVir Overview

FF Protect AntiVir is a dubious extension/add-on program for Firefox browser that is promoted by This extension is purposely designed to inject advertisements by loading up javaScript codes on the websites visited by the user. Thus, you may see variety of ads, affiliate links, banners and also some pop-up boxes labelled under “RocketTab powered by Advertise”. FF Protect AntiVir is just like FF Guarded Searching add-on that acts a platform to monetize the traffic of third-party websites and earn commission. But this extension is considered to be a risky one, as it fraudulently appears on the new tab of the browser and ask users to update their firefox version to have uninterrupted browsing. The page prompts user to feed their username and password and further recommends user to install FF Protect AntiVir add-on service.

It might be difficult for users to carry out with their tasks, as the redirect page opens frequently and force users to click on the Install button. This is just a deceptive means to promote any extension and users might be cautious before agreeing to install the same. If you have already installed FF Protect AntiVir extension, then you might notice plenty of advertisements while surfing. Well, this is just a scamming add-on program whose presence can put you in trouble. It should be removed from the infected browser as well as computer system permanently. For the complete removal of FF Protect AntiVir extension, you can follow the removal steps.



Remove FF Guarded Searching extension

FF Guarded Searching Overview

FF Guarded Searching is a dubious extension/add-on for Firefox browser. This malicious extension uses javascript codes that gets activated when user lands on the redirected/promotional web page like The pop-up tends to be a recommended “Firefox update” that asks users to feed their username and password. Although, it claims that the update is important in perspective to the browsing security of users. But the extension is nowhere associated with “Firefox”. The redirect page could trouble users a lot by frequently opening up pop-ups asking the same.

remove FF Guarded Searching

If user click on the “Install Now” button, then the FF Guarded Searching extension will be installed. This extension is just an ad-supported program that has no aim to protect your browsing instead, it uses javascript codes to display variety of advertisements, sponsored links and serve other advertising campaigns. Not only that, FF Guarded Searching extension keeps on tracking surfing habits of users to present more advertisements. It is just like the chrome extension. So if you have got FF Guarded Searching extension installed on the firefox browser, and you are facing troubles then you should immediately remove this extension and end up all ads.



Remove Extension Overview is a search extension for chrome browser that claims as “Make every search private”. This means using this extension can help your searches being protected and avoid being traced by third-party.

However, once mounted, extension will change all your default browser settings as it comes with built-in search engine Thus, whenever you enter any search term in your address bar, this search engine will redirect your searches to other sites then your default Google or any preferred search engine. Although, extension encrypts the searches before sending it but it can still be traced by its developers who can trace your system related info and your browsing details. These details might be used for other unknown purposes.

Remove Chrome Extension

You may generally install extension through any promotional link appearing while visiting any pages or performing similar searches. Similar like Private Search by

So, if you want to switch back to your previous browsing preferences, then quickly follow the removal guide. It is better to remove this extension.



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