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‘Better History’ – Another Tricking browser extension that found to be hijacking Chrome browser with Ads

“Better History 3.9.8” can silently hijack your browser and snip away all personal data

Web browser extensions is normally designed to enhance our surfing experience and ease the task by providing helpful tools and utilities. But surprisingly many cyber offenders using this trick to cheat users and snip away all important information from their PC.


Yet another browser extension that is now-a-days cheating novice users is “Better History” that claims to provide various filter options to have a better view of the browsing history. Sources says that, Users who have recently updated version of “Better History 3.9.8” have been reported to asking additional permission to “read and change all your data on the websites you visit.” Once updating, “Better History” is causing severe redirections through service where users are forced to see lots of advertisements and pop-ups which further pronounced to make money by clicks and impressions on those ads.


The previous versions of “Better History” extensions were very popular chrome extension for having a clear vision of adding extra filters for browser history access. But now with its latest version out in the market, is causing hijacking issues and driving away all the important data from the background. Thus, users choose to uninstall the “Better History” extensions as soon as possible.


Users may not be aware that, “Better History” is been sold to another unnamed company by its owner two months ago since version 3.9.5. Calculating the issues of hijacking and redirections, the new owner may be the culprit of all these. Due to many complaints against the new version of “Better History” that is 3.9.8, Google has removed it from their store.


Now a days, unwanted Browser extensions have become the main cause of browser hijacking, malware invasion and data stealing. Thus, computer users are advised to be more cautious while downloading any third party applications. As it can take your privacy at huge risk. If you have “Better History 3.9.8” still installed on your computer then quickly go for complete removal of this annoying web extension.

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