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A Rise against Progressive Malware attacks-Now It’s time to Go further than Just protecting your PC with Antivirus

cyber safetyThe days are now gone when we thought that if we have an Anti-virus installed, we are ready fight against cyber threats. The world of cyber-crimes is being much advanced and much evil minded then just to infect the PC. As new technologies of accessing Internet have been diversified, the malware creators are becoming more vigorous and eager to attack our PC. It is a matter of concern for all internet users and we should take it is a challenge to spread the word among users widely.

Today’s world is an Internet Based world

In today’s era, we can’t imagine our lives without internet. As the technology advances and more devices are upcoming in the market. As a result more and more people are connecting with internet with distinct devices. The same incredibly fast pace is being evolved in cyber-crime world encouraging them to attack users globally. Thus we should set this as a challenge to overcome the fear of our personal lives being ruined by these criminals.


Most of the internet users depends on the antivirus to get their security needs fulfilled. It is quite natural because, the security experts also keeps on reminding users to have an anti-malware protection tool on their PC. But we have to be proactive than reactive! Anti-virus is just like that, it reacts when any malware tries to hit your PC. Here anti-virus has some limits, because new technologies have been used up in making malware programs to detect earlier if the attacked PC has got anti-virus installed. In this scenario, malware is competent to remain in an inactive state on the PC. Thus to trick anti-virus program installed and remain undetected. It further work on neutralizing the detection or keep hidden within the program files of the PC and carry out its malicious tasks easily.

Not every Internet user is a computer expert, so explaining here all the technical details may not serve you the purpose of this article. So, just take quick grab on these points. As everyone has an urge to have safer browsing and online safety is a matter of concern for all of us.

  • As new technologies are getting engineered, the malware programmers have designed them in such a way that they could transform and change their location, behavior and also could mimic the face of other legitimate files. So the anti-virus could get confused.
  • Every software program designed, somewhere somehow sustains a small loophole which cyber criminals take advantage of and gain the control over the PC.
  • There are more than millions of corrupt files, malware detection and virus samples being tested every day, this is not possible to process them fast and upgrade the program.

Now you may have a question on your mind.. Why I buy an Anti-virus for my devices?

Antivirus will provide you internal security if a malware attacks your device. More times it succeeds, but as the cyber criminals are using all their resources to move fast and advance their way out onto your PC. It might happen that Antivirus could have a loophole or any small vulnerability that could these malware attackers could take advantage of. It is always said, Prevention is better than cure. Thus, it’s the time for preventing our device of getting attacked, than to sit on relaying that “I have an anti-malware installed, so no malware or virus could attack my PC”.


Cyber world is much more complex so it is unrealistic to expect 100% security from all aspects of cyber security. On a proactive aspect, there are some very useful guidelines which if maintained could help fight against malware and safeguard our privacy.

Help prevent malware infection on your PC

  • Up-to-date security software is the best way to help protect your PC from malware. Whatever security software you choose, make sure you update it regularly. We recommend you update your security software at least every day.
  • New malware is written every day. Many of these threats target vulnerabilities in your PC software. Software companies regularly release updates that fix these vulnerabilities. To help stay protected you should regularly update all your software. This includes programs like Java, Adobe and QuickTime.
  • you should always use a password that can’t be guessed easily. A strong password has at least eight characters and includes letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Some types of malware, such as worms, can spread by copying themselves to any USB flash drives or other removable drives that are connected to your computer. Always be careful when sharing removable drives, and make sure you scan them.
  • A firewall is a set of rules that chooses which information can access your PC. It can help prevent malware infections by stopping suspicious programs from getting onto your PC, or accessing the internet once installed.
  • User Account Control to limit what a program can do without your permission.This means you will be notified if any software or application tries to make any changes to your system. It can also help stop malware and unwanted software from installing themselves or changing the way your PC works.

The bottom line

Malware authors use several common tricks to install their malicious software on your PC. If we work on all the above points, we could help a lot to block the vulnerabilities. This could ensure your data, privacy and network protected. Don’t delay, just work upon the above points to stay connected and stay protected. And have a healthy internet surfing.

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